Discover the Future of Wearable Technology

WearTech strives to expedite a technological paradigm shift by propelling both inspired student and innovative companies alike into the emerging field of wearable technologies. Students will have the unique opportunity to explore and gain experience in wearable computing while companies will be able to tap into the most talented and proven specialists of wearable computing at the University of Toronto.

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Our Vision

Wearable computing is becoming the next transformational technology that is shaping the future of the technological landscape. WearTech is a platform that provides students with resources and bridges them to the wearable industry. We are more than just a student club.

WearTech is an engineering student club started by a group of University of Toronto students to make wearable technology more accessible to students who wish to gain greater understanding and develop skills related to the industry.

Our goal at WearTech is to promote and enrich students with knowledge pertaining to wearable technologies through workshops, seminars, and design projects. Students will be working with cutting-edge technologies including, but not limited to, software development, mobile development, embedded systems programming, hardware programming, and mechanical prototyping.

Our Team

Professor Mann

Professor Steve Mann

Professor Steve Mann is our Chief Technical Advisor. With more than 40 years of experience in wearable technology, he is widely recognized as the “father of wearable computing” for his invention of “Digital Eye Glass” (EyeTap) and mediated reality, the predecessor of augmented reality.

He is also the inventor of Chirplet Transform, Comparametric Equations, HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging, the first smartwatch, and numerous other transformative technologies.

Professor Mann’s expertise and involvement will ensure that WearTech adopts innovative approaches to wearable computing, and will help WearTech remain at the forefront of wearable innovation.


Cindy Jinhee Park

Project Manager


Jay Yoo

Director of Marketing


Jonathan Zheng


Justin Wu


Marinette Chen

VP Finance


Max Lu



Peter Yao

VP Operations


Yifan Lu

Director of Corporate Sponsorship

Join Our Team

WearTech is looking for students experienced in software development, UI design, hardware programming, or mechanical prototyping to join our core design team. We need your talent in our team! If you are interested in joining, feel free to contact us.